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The Tates Have Landed: Our First 24 Hours

We landed with 7 bags in Athens. Every single one came out in line on the luggage belt… it was a small miracle. Two carts and two taxis to our apartment later we were deposited on the side of the road, unsure of where our apartment was. Yayas were watching and the sun was blazing.

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That’s when I started to freak out…. None of the houses looked like the one from the rental website… and the area on the other side of the road had a great deal of barbed wire going on. I was like, “please God… don’t let our house be across the street from the jail.”

It wasn’t. A dog was barking through a fence, so Merric and I went over. In that moment we made our first Greek friend, Zio. He put his paw through the fence to touch my hand and rolled over for a good belly rub causing a lovely distraction from the where are we stress. During this time, Culin found the keys to our super cool apartment, googled and found out that we were across the street from where Greek currency is printed (so basically the mint) and walked into air conditioned bliss.

After looking around, we took a cab into town, found food and looked around. While I wanted an authentic Greek dinner… we saw a cute little place with pizzas in the window and we went with the easy win.

We found a small grocery store, stocked up on breakfast supplies while the cab waited (it was a little like being on a game show where you can grocery shop by picture and have a limited amount of time) and then came home and put Merric to bed.

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I laid out his stuff for sports camp (yes he went to camp less than 24 hours after arriving in the country so he could see his school and make friends the last week there was a camp offered,) unpacked my suitcases and went to bed.

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