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    The insane but true stories of our family's move to Athens and life in Greece.

    An adventure in which three Americans who don't really sail, skipper a 34 foot sailboat around the Ionian Islands, make life long friends with Brits, and crash the lunch of a Scottish Laird. How did this happen? Well, our anniversary was approaching and I kept trying to pick a Greek island to...
    It was Sunday and the Tates had successfully found and attended St. Andrew's ex-pat church (complete with a French bull dog puppy in attendance.) I thought that was adventure enough, but Merric had a brand-new-to-him BMX bike and was dying to ride it around. If you've read my account of...
    Living in a new country turns daily tasks, like mailing a package or having a signature notarized, into adventures. Such was the case for the Tates. Let's start with our experiences with the Hellinic Post. After Google Maps led us to a restaurant, not a post office. We tried the second listed...
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    The Tate Family

    We're three screaming Type A personalities/entrepreneurs (yes the 10 year old too) from Washington, D.C.


    We decided to move to Greece, a culture that doesn't value hustle... but does value time spent with family and enjoying life.


    A year here might not completely change us, but then again maybe it will!

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    The Why

    Why Now?

    Our son is 10 and we wanted him to experience international school and living in a different country to become a better global citizen.


    Our marriage is almost 14 years old and we were ready for a new adventure together. People will take risks for the careers... but who takes risks for their relationships? Us!


    Why Greece?

    Great people, great weather, great food, highly economical, and a central jumping off point for travel throughout Europe.


  • “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”